Knowledge and Experience

DOĞRU, has a very wide export network, 
and has achieved its current success by making quality 
and teamwork the primary principle.

High Quality, Best Price, Fast Term

DOĞRU has managed to get ahead of its competitors by producing 
and selling spare parts with its best price and always high quality 
so became an organization preferred by its customers.

Special Rubber Dough Formulas

DOĞRU, with more than 40 years of knowledge and experience, 
has the ability to prepare and develop rubber formulas with 
different mechanical properties in order to meet customer expectations.

Wide Machine Network

It expands its domestic and abroad sales network day by day 
with its wide machinery for spare parts manufacturing. 
DOĞRU continues to grow by adding new closed areas ,
adds new machines, increases the employment and 
its production capacity continuously.


Our Perspective

Dogru Automotive acts in the light of its value in order to reach the best and offer quality products.

Satisfaction İs Indispensable.

Dogru Automotive does not include any product that it does not believe in, in its product range.

Being Followed Brings Happiness.

Dogru Automotive competes with itself, not what the other does.

Our Dreams Always Lead To The Same Place.

Dogru Automotive employees know the expectations of their customers and do their best for them.