With 36 Years of Experience, RIGHT QUALITY, RIGHT PRICE, RIGHT Term

We work for the success of our customers

We provide the highest quality products and services for our customers. We continually endeavor to be one step ahead of the competition. We grasp the key customer demands and expectations and, when necessary, design our products and services, as well as our manner of business, accordingly.

Doğru Automotive in Domestic and Abroad Markets

Our company which focuses on quality and customer satisfaction grows its domestic and international market day by day by adopting as a principle to maintain its image of reliability.

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  • Formulas  Preparing Division
  • Paste Preparing Division
  • Molding Division
  • Rubber Division
  • Metal Processing
  • Montage Division
  • Semi-Manufactured Material Division
  • Surface Preparing

About Us

Started production in 1981 in Bursa,DOĞRU AUTOMOTIVE RUBBER INDUSTRY. AND TRADE. Inc.ismanifacturing auto spare parts with rubber and sheet metal. OPEL, MERCEDES, BMW, VOLKSWAGEN and rubber parts of various vehicles being in the first place, our firm is continuouslyincreases 1200 pieces of product range while following the market need sand innovation.


Kestel San.Bölg. Ahmet Vefik Paşa Mah. Hünkar Cad. No: 15 / BURSA / TÜRKİYE


38 Years of Knowledge and Experience,

With its knowledge and experience based on 37 years of experience
with the DOĞRU Automotive family,
Has a very wide export network, always has quality
And team work has become the primary principle
and has reached its present success.

Right Quality, Right Price, Right Term

Right at the appropriate market price of Automotive,
Always with good quality and full-time term facilities,
spare parts manufacturing and sales
All competitors in the market have stepped forward one step ahead,
It has become an institution preferred by its customers.

Special Rubber Formulations

Our rubber production company will meet the wishes
and expectations of the customers
With a wide range of hardness and rubber strengths and formulations
Has made a big difference in the automotive spare parts market

Wide Machine Network

It has a wide machine network for spare parts production
Comfortable and full-time production,
Expanding its domestic and foreign sales network every passing day,
Adding new machines to its sector,
increasing the employment of the personnel employed,
The current factory is going to grow in closed area and very fast acceleration
Has become institutionalized with the name of the sector has been talking about.

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As Doğru Automotive

We work for the success of our customers

Customers are our main focus. We work with the awareness of generating value for our customers and their business in every decision we make and action we take. We create customer loyalty through long lasting close relationships that generate value. Our customer relations are based on flexibility, stability, speed and a solution based partnership.

We listen to the voice of the customer

We anticipate changing customer demands and endeavor to formulate solutions in the shortest time with a proactive approach. Our priorities are identified by the priorities of our customers.